Did you know that 81% of consumers reported that they feel the need to trust a brand before buying from them? Defining your brand’s personality can encourage trust by establishing a connection between your company and the individual customers. Every brand has a unique personality – what’s yours?

What is a Brand Personality?

A brand personality attributes human characteristics to a company. In other words, a brand personality describes your brand as if it were a person. Brand personalities help your audience to connect with your brand by presenting them with characteristics that the audience can relate to. Examples of brand personality characteristics could include friendly, helpful, innovative, calming, luxurious, humble, energetic, serious, quirky, intellectual, and many more! Consider some characteristics that define your brand.

Keep in mind that a brand’s personality is different than a brand identity. A brand’s identity has more to do with the logo, color scheme, taglines, etc. that make your brand recognizable. A brand’s personality is more focused on how the audience interacts emotionally and literally with the brand.

Determining Your Brand’s Personality

When determining your brand’s personality, you want to start by considering who your audience is. After all, research has shown that the majority of purchasing decisions are made based on emotion, not logic. Therefore, you want to match your brand personality with your audience’s preferences by making sure the humanizing characteristics you choose for your brand’s personality will trigger emotion in your audience.

Next, it is time to ask yourself some questions:

  • What are your core values? What does your company stand for?
  • What is your mission? What impact do you hope to have on the world?
  • How does your business differ from your competition? What makes you unique?
  • What is the experience like to work with you?

Once you have determined who your audience is and asked yourself the questions listed above, decide on a few characteristics that you feel best describe your brand’s personality. Every company has a unique brand personality. However, in general, it can be looked at as though there are five primary types of brand personalities. Using the characteristics that you came up with for your brand, figure out which brand personality best suits your company:

Excitement: Youthful, imaginative, up-to-date, lively, daring

Sincerity: Generous, thoughtful, value-oriented, honest, down-to-earth

Ruggedness: Outdoorsy, masculine, tough, sporty, rough, western

Competence: Reliable, intelligent, successful, hard-working, authoritative

Sophistication: Elegant, renowned, charming, glamorous, feminine

At VUP Media, we can help you home in on your brand’s personality, using it to your advantage when it comes to marketing. From video production to website development, strategic planning to digital advertising, we can help your brand’s personality shine through to your audience in a way that will increase your digital presence and overall ROI! Contact us today at 401-949-8000 to get started!