Video Production

With over 25 years of experience, VUP Media serves as the leading Video Production Company for New England and South Florida.

We appease the needs of each client by customizing our video production solutions such as script development, concept creation, video shooting, video editing, and storytelling.

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Custom video just for you

Speed & beauty combined

Our Process

We’ll learn more about you and your business to create the best visual story for you to tell. If a script or voiceover is needed, our writers will ensure your brand voice is heard. If you need graphics and animation, we’ll make a detailed storyboard to give you an idea of what the final product will look like. We can shoot multiple locations or people, schedule those shoots to ensure the best use of your time. Video marketing can be an important part of your digital marketing strategy, giving a face and voice to your business and providing high SEO value for your website. If you’re new to video, or don’t know where to begin, don’t worry. Our extensive knowledge in video production will help build your business to be better than ever.


We rely on the power of creative ideas, both client and internal brainstorming, to find your “right fit” based on your business goals. Let us complete your story with video editing. After scouring through raw footage to find the best clips for you, we’ll compile them together to bring your story to life. With access to thousands of songs and sound effects, we’ll select the best sounds for your story. We can add our custom graphics made specifically for you to the video. How about a voiceover? We’ll write a script and record it with our in-house recording studio and editing suite. Let our creative team do the hard work and complete your story for you!


Set your brand and social posts apart with custom animations. Watch your brand come to life as we animate your logo. We can add extra elements to your social media by animating your social posts. From flying text to animated characters, VUP will ensure that your post stands out, while still creatively engaging your audience.

Building Beautiful Content

Our creative designers will to script, shoot, edit, produce, and distribute your video effectively, and ensure it aligns with and supports your marketing goals.

Our video production services include:

  • Video Marketing Strategy
  • Scriptwriting and Editing
  • Storyboarding
  • Single-camera and Multi-camera Shoots
  • Professional video and lighting equipment
  • Video Editing
  • 3D and 2D Graphics
  • Motion Graphics and Overlays
  • Color Correction
  • Voice Overs
  • Social Media Distribution

We have experience creating all types of videos for our clients, including:

  • Interview Videos
  • “About Us” Videos
  • Customer Testimonial Videos
  • Advertisement Campaigns
  • Website Content
  • Instructional Videos
  • Commercials & Short Promos
  • Product Overview Videos

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