Live HD video streaming has become one of the most popular forms of content creation for businesses.

VUP Media combines our experience in the live production streaming environment with custom CMS web services.

Humanize your business with face-to-face audience interaction

Effectively tell your brand's story

What We Can Do for You

Providing seamless solutions from encoding of your event on location to custom landing pages, including secure embedded video streams, commenting tools, polling widgets and analytics to show proof of performance of your entire event. Stream to desktops, tablets, and mobile devices globally!

Ways to utilize livestreaming:

  • Go behind the scenes of your company
  • Hold a Q & A
  • Broadcast live events
  • Share breaking news
  • Host an interview

Why Use Livestreaming

We live in a fast-paced world with constant information being presented at our fingertips. Utilize live HD video streaming to deliver relevant and real-time content to your audience. Why use livestreaming in addition to your other social media content? There are many benefits, some of which include:

  • Platforms favor live content, offering you a better opportunity to expand your audience and acquire more leads.
  • Livestreams give you the chance to interact with your audience instantaneously, which encourages them to engage with your brand.
  • Having a face to put to the name helps humanize your brand and make it more relatable for your audience.

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