About Zelman Style Interiors.

Zelman Style Interiors, also known as ZLMN, is a full-service interior design firm owned and operated by the ultimate power couple, Steven Zelman and Jule Guaglardi-Zelman. They are located in South Florida but work with clients on an international level, producing luxurious high-end residential and commercial interiors. Each project is unique, focused on intermingling functionality and fashion to best suit the lifestyle of their client.

The Goals.

When ZLMN came to VUP Media, their goal was to expand their reach and increase their audience. One of the major areas for opportunity was search engine optimization (SEO). Although their website featured glamorous images of their projects, a lack of written content kept them from showing up among the top results in a web search. Our team helped with copywriting, SEO, and content creation by providing them with high-quality photographs and videos that showcased their work. We created a strategic plan to spearhead their initiatives and provide a clear vision on how to obtain their goals.

Our Process.

We worked with Zelman Style Interiors to solidify their brand and redevelop their website to reflect their company’s personality. This provided us with a great jumping-off point when it came to content creation including photography, videos, and social media posts. SEO keywords were utilized throughout their new website and social media platforms to increase their audience.

  • Redesign the website to better showcase their work and encourage potential clients to reach out.
  • Create high-quality photographs and videos to utilize across various platforms.
  • Develop a communications strategy for blogs, social media maintenance, videos, email marketing, and digital ad campaigns.
  • Optimize the use of SEO keywords to reach their target audience.

The Success.

Video Production


Website Updates




Social Media


Zelman Style Interiors has shown significant growth since working with VUP Media. Establishing their brand and creating eye-catching content has increased their audience’s engagement across all platforms. Through SEO and digital ads, ZLMN was able to grow their audience and expand their reach, not only within Florida but throughout the world. Since we began working with ZLMN, their work has expanded to a global level. They have provided luxury interior designing services across the globe in locations including Florida, New York, Chicago, California, Nigeria, Mexico, the Caribbean, Brazil, and London.

"We cannot stress enough what an intelligent decision it was to sign on with VUP Media. Aside from an incredibly likable and reliable team, their commitment to excellence and integrity in their work product is more on par with a larger, highly reputable, Manhattan firm, than a Florida or Rhode Island suburban based firm. They keep their word and strive to be the best. They are, as they say “good people.”

— Jule Guaglardi-Zelman

ZLMN Video Production

Video Gallery

Sunday Morning 1:25

A Sunday morning with the ZLMN team.

One Thousand Museum 3:27

A project update with Jule talking about a property in progress.

4-Step Design Process  2:53

Learn more about the ZLMN design process.

ZLMN Website

The Zelman Style Interiors website was designed to showcase their most recent work and provide information to potential clients. The luxurious design coincided with their brand identity while maintaining functionality. Pages were dedicated to their portfolio, expertise, inspiration, blog, videos, and contact information. It’s important to the ZLMN team that their website be a hub that clients can navigate through for information and examples of their work.

Content is King and Video Reigns

ZLMN makes the most out of their video productions! With a never-ending stream of interesting projects, we recognized the importance of creating relevant content to keep their audience updated on their latest endeavors. The videos we’ve produced for them range from sit-down interviews to on-site project updates. Each video is created to highlight Steven and Jule’s personalities while simultaneously providing insight into the way they operate their business.

Social Media Speaking Volumes

When Zelman Style Interiors came to us for social media services, their audience was slight and lacking in engagement. We revamped their social media content to include high-quality photographs, videos, graphics, and animations to keep their audience interested and encourage engagement. Since the optimization of their social media accounts, their audience has grown and become actively invested in the projects that the ZLMN team is working on.

Talk About Reach!

The multiple digital advertising campaigns we’ve created for Zelman Style Interiors have pushed their numbers through the roof! Utilizing Facebook, YouTube, and Google Ads, we have been able to reach a vast audience that can use their services. Through the use of A/B testing, we were able to determine which ads were performing optimally and make adjustments for future campaigns to ensure a worthwhile ROI.

Blogging into SEO

The ZLMN blog has given the company a true voice and established them as a leader in the industry by sharing pertinent and helpful information. SEO and interlinking web pages are useful tools we took advantage of to help their website show up at the top of the search engine results page. Not only do the blog topics bring more people to their website, but they provide reasons for viewers to explore the rest of their site and potentially contact them for their services.

Stay in Mind by Keeping in Touch

Email marketing continues to be one of the most effective marketing tools for businesses to connect with existing clients. The monthly email newsletter we construct for Zelman Style Interiors keeps their audience up to date with their latest projects and provides multiple opportunities to contact their business. Newsletters help to keep a business at the forefront of an audience member’s mind. That way, a viewer will remember Zelman Style Interiors the next time they need interior design services.