About Handmarks.

Handmarks is a start-up direct sales and party plan company that is brand new to the industry. Consultants and party hosts create personalized jewelry made from recycled silverware, which can be “Handmarked”, or stamped, with any significant phrase, name, or date. Handmarks values the success of its consultants and focuses on their five guiding principles: Love, Listen, Learn, Lift, and Lead.

The Goals.

When VUP Media took on Handmarks as a client, our first priority was to establish the company’s overall brand identity. Since the company was brand-new, it didn’t have a digital presence or website. We created their logo and developed a communication plan, focusing on the personas of the buyer and recruitment for potential consultants. From there, we developed a brand voice for use in social, blogging, and ad copy.

With a brand identity established, we then created a strategic plan to build brand awareness and obtain new generation leads. We achieved our goal by creating a recruitment video that explained what is Handmarks and reaching out to for possible consultants. We also created Handmarks’ corporate website and social media platforms, with the use of high-quality imagery and content.  We were able to help develop a back-office, or CRM for, their websites. As we progressed, we ensured to keep Handmark’s values in mind with planning and creating content to help continue their growth.

Our Process.

The strategic plan we developed for Handmarks was created to bring brand awareness and established a solid digital presence. We planned to provide the necessary key assets and content to Handmark’s brand and website so they will continue to grow and expand.

  • Branding
  • Personas
  • Digital presence (web and social)
  • Back office
  • Communication strategy
    1. Blogging
    2. Social
    3. Ad copy
  • Content acquisition
  • Publish to social media platforms

The Success.

Website Design


Social Media Marketing






Since working with VUP Media, Handmarks has seen tremendous growth through social media with success in paid per click campaigns. This aided in increasing the number of consultants on their team and more products. In the wake of their success, Handmarks expanded to expand their company to Canada, reaching even more buyers and consultants.

Make your mark

Handmarks Website

VUP Media worked with the founders of Handmarks to setup a brand-new direct sales company from scratch. After deciding on a multi-level marketing software, we built the Handmarks corporate website, the Handmarks consultant replicated websites, the consultant back office, and the host portal. All the components must have been a success, because less than a year after launch, we built all those components again for the Handmarks Canada division. Help your friends and family capture their special memories on their own piece of Handmarks Jewelry by hosting a Handmarks party.

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Social Media

When VUP Media onboarded Handmarks, the company did not have any social media platforms. Our team created all of their social profiles, and we built a whole social strategy plan to target their audience and increase brand awareness. We created graphic templates to maintain consistency throughout all social platforms following Handmarks’ brand values.


VUP Media helped create Handmarks’ blogs from scratch into a solid SEO impression. We wanted users to understand who is Handmarks’, what they do, and why they should join. We ensured that each blog topic upheld Handmarks’ values and incorporated SEO keywords to drive traffic to the websites.

Image Gallery

Handmarks’ Jewelry Catalog

VUP Media worked with Handmarks to design their 2019 jewelry catalog. This catalog included all of their products and it featured as a flipbook on their website to view.

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