In today’s digital world, online advertising is essential for customers to find your business. You may offer great products or services, but what good is it if your potential customers don’t know about them?

Digital advertising has changed the way people promote their business. If you are deciding to venture into paid advertising, know that it’s more than boosting your Facebook posts.

What is Boosting on Facebook?

If you are an administrator of a Facebook Page, you’ll notice that you can “boost” many of your Facebook posts. When you boost a post, it appears on the Facebook feed as an ad, rather than a typical post. This is helpful if you want to share your post beyond your current audience. However, many people think that Facebook advertising doesn’t work because they didn’t see the results they were hoping for with boosting.

What is Facebook Advertising?

Facebook advertising goes beyond boosting and involves the creation of campaigns to increase the reach, impressions, engagement, and lead generation for a business.

Each business’ paid advertising approach can be highly customized. Campaigns can be built to target an audience based on recent life events, search history, interests, or demographics.

Different campaign types are useful for reaching various business goals, so choosing the right call to action is important. Selecting the best-fit platform and campaign type can set your business up for an increased rate of customer engagement, strengthen brand identity, and overall growth.

Why Facebook Ads are Important

Due to the ever-evolving Facebook algorithm, Facebook advertising is crucial for businesses to ensure maximum audience reach. According to Hubspot, studies have found that Facebook users are now only seeing 2% of organic pages they follow on their feed. Facebook advertising guarantees to reach new customers and use your content to elevate our brand to target audiences.

If you are looking to venture into Facebook advertising for your business, VUP Media can help with that! Whether you’re looking to increase lead generation, brand awareness, reach, or catalog sales, our team can create and design strategic campaigns to fit your business goals.