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About Anna's Kitchen Shrub.

In 2018, Anna’s Kitchen was established and provided health-conscious shrubs. Her shrubs are available in five distinct flavors made by combining fresh fruit with raw apple cider vinegar. These products are USDA certified organic and offer a healthier option for creating cocktails, craft sodas, salad dressings, marinades, and more. Since 2018, Anna’s Kitchen has received 17 awards. They were also featured in Food & Beverage Magazine and Bar Business Magazine. Today, Anna’s Kitchen Shrubs are available through Amazon and found in retail and liquor stores, restaurants, and bars across the nation.

The Goals.

Anna’s Kitchen came to VUP Media as a start-up with the need for growth. With a brand already established, Anna’s focus was understanding her clientele and increasing communication with them in order to expand her reach. We recognized the need for an increased digital presence and created a strategic plan to help Anna’s Kitchen reach its full potential.

Additional content was generated for Anna’s website through photographs, videos, and graphics. We created a theme for her website, made it more user-friendly, and utilized SEO keywords. Lastly, we provided Anna with training on how to manage the many social media platforms available today. With this help, she began to grow and engage more with her audience.

Our Process.

The strategic plan we generated for Anna’s Kitchen focused on broadening her reach and strengthening her digital presence. To meet these goals, Anna’s website needed content updates, consistency across her social media, and training to grow her business.

  • Establish a digital presence.
  • Develop buyer personas to identify the target audience.
  • Develop a communications strategy for blogging and social media.
  • Enhance content with high-quality photographs and videos.
  • Provide training for technology, social media, and e-commerce.

The Success.

Video Production


Website Updates




Social Media


Since working with VUP Media, Anna’s Kitchen Shrubs has seen vast improvements in audience growth and return on investment. The website continues to generate revenue as consistent content is shared through multiple social media platforms. She and her team also engage more with their audience thanks to a specialized communications plan.

“VUP helped me understand my customer and provided a cohesive marketing approach for all of my sales channels. They were always available and went above and beyond to offer advice, solutions, and support. “
- Anna Scott

About Anna’s Kitchen

Video Gallery

Spicy Margarita 1:39

Anna shows how to make a spicy margarita featuring her peach jalapeno shrub cocktail mixture.

Strawberry Salad 1:30

Anna shows her recipe to make a perfect strawberry salad which features her strawberry lemon thyme shrub.

Mockmosa  :54

Love mimosas but want to stay away from sugary drinks or alcohol? Then Anna’s recipe for a mockmosa is perfect for you! Watch her make a mockmosa by using her strawberry lemon thyme shrub.

Anna's Kitchen Shrubs Website

At its core, Anna’s Kitchen Shrub is an online store that sells the hottest up-and-coming trends in the beverage and food market. Shrubs, mixed fruits and vinegar contribute to her unique products. We wanted to go beyond selling Anna’s product, so we built a cookbook to highlight it. The cookbook includes the individual flavors of her shrubs, is packed with recipes, and vibrant pictures. We also included how-to videos for some of her recipes. Today, Anna’s products are sold in dozens of bars, restaurants, and stores nationwide. Our developers also built a “find your nearest shrub location” tool that shows all physical locations where Anna’s Shrubs are sold. Check out Anna’s Kitchen Shrub website for this newest health trend.

Social Media

Anna’s Kitchen utilizes five social platforms: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Pinterest. Every piece of content is tailored to cater to audiences of these platforms, from educational blog posts on LinkedIn to pushing food and drink recipes on Pinterest. Relevant hashtags are utilized to reach a wider audience, and posts are scheduled at high traffic times of day to further boost engagement.


Our team strategically crafted the unique voice of Anna’s Kitchen to be fun, positive, and personable – hallmarks of the company’s brand identity. We developed individual personas for each target audience, including bartenders, chefs, distributors, and health-conscious consumers. Featured blog topics educate, excite, and inform readers of all things shrub, from pop culture trends like Sober September to the specific health benefits of Anna's organic drink mix.