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About Us From Them

A VUP Testimonial from Glenn Asher   2:29

Prior to working with VUP Media, Glenn Asher — AKA “The Title Guy” — was fed up with “big time” social media companies. Here’s how VUP changed Glenn’s perception –working to conceptually grow his business, through strategic planning and thoughtful execution.

A VUP Testimonial from Steve Petrucci 1:34

The Bella Homes website was originally developed by another development company. VUP Media was able to pick up where the other company left off with content updates, new blog posts, and new website features that use more images and video to show off the progressive focus on eco-luxury initiatives that Bella Homes offers as a full-service real estate development company.

Meet Our Team


President | CEO

Sandra has eyes on every project that goes through our office. On a daily basis, you will find her constructing in-depth strategy for projects, meeting with clients, running reports and analytics, creating content, designing, and constantly updating herself on innovation in the field. Pretty much she makes the impossible, possible…with the aid of plenty of sticky notes and energy drinks! She may never sleep (or leave the office). Her secret weapon, however, is the passion she has for this work and her dedication to her clients. You won’t ever see Sandra without a smile on her face and a speckle of drive and love for her work in her eye.


Creative Director

Andrew works with clients to provide creative direction and conceptualizing digital content. When he isn’t in our Greenville, Rhode Island location, you will find Andrew in Delray Beach, Florida filming video, capturing photography content and developing storylines with any of our many Sunshine State clients.


Web Engineer

Originally from Warsaw, Poland Adrian is an expert on everything web. He spends his days tirelessly developing websites, strategizing web solutions and creating web applications.

Adrian has a substantial amount of past times that fill up his free time. He spends a lot of his time outdoors hiking, swimming, camping, and mountain biking for miles and miles. He also enjoys cooking, brewing his own beer, and spending time with friends and family (which is his #1 priority).