If you’re noticing any issues with site speed, server uptime, or your site being temporarily offline, you may be experiencing the effects of cryptomining malware.

What is Cryptojacking?

Cryptomining malware, also known as cryptojacking, has already affected over 50,000 servers as of June 2019. A recent campaign referred to as “Nansh0u,” hacked into servers to install bitcoin farms. In order to do this, 700 new websites were being hacked each day.

Bitcoin farming steals nothing from your company other than the energy from your server that keeps your site online. These hackers are trying to use the energy and space on a server to run processes that will allow them to earn a cryptocurrency called bitcoin, which is now worth thousands of dollars. Users can acquire bitcoins on a reward system from research companies who need help solving complex equations. In order to run the processes to solve these equations, computers will need an exponential amount of energy, which is very costly to the user. Hacking into other servers allows users to steal the energy and processing power that keeps your website running quickly and efficiently.

How does that affect my website?

You may be wondering how this affects your business and why hackers would come after your website. Fortunately, hackers aren’t trying to personally attack your business or website. There is no way for them to directly steal any money or business from you during these attacks. The only loss on your end is a malfunctioning website, which could cost you potential sales. They don’t want anything from you other than free server resources.

How can I protect my website?

The best way to keep your website safe from cryptomining malware is to perform regular maintenance and updates. The internet is an ever-evolving world and consistent updates allow you to patch the holes that hackers could easily exploit.

We offer a website maintenance service that will keep your website safe from any potential malware. With this service, we will run updates and maintenance to ensure the security of your website. We want to make sure that your website is safe, secure, and functioning so that you can do business on your terms.

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