Kicking off the new year with a personal resolution has become an annual tradition for many people. Common resolutions include eating healthier, traveling more, or taking up a new hobby. A resolution is the perfect way to put your best foot forward at the start of a new year.

Now that it’s officially 2020, you may already have a few personal goals in mind – but have you considered a New Year’s resolution for your business? Last month, we discussed the importance of developing an annual business plan before the new year begins. It can be equally important to set goals for your brand at the start of the year, because this sets the foundation for a successful year in business.

Your brand’s new year’s resolution will only be effective if you set realistic goals. Here are some ideas for reachable business goals that can be accomplished in 2020!

Better Understand Your Audience

Your business’s target audience can shift over time. In 2020, set a goal to better assess your website and social media analytics. By understanding your current audience, you will interact more effectively with potential customers and drive sales.

Promote Your Business Consistently

With the stresses of everyday meetings, projects, and tasks, marketing your business can often take a backseat. Make it your goal in 2020 to consistently promote your business to potential customers, both with traditional and digital marketing. If you’d like to better market your brand, contact us to see how we can help take your business to the next level.

Monthly Check-In Meetings

A new year’s resolution is not a “set it and forget it” business practice. In order to keep your brand on-track with its goals, set monthly meetings with the team to check in on everyone’s progress. This is an effective way to keep your resolution from falling to the wayside.

Take More Time for Your Personal Life

Running a business is both stressful and time-consuming. Taking a break for yourself can start to feel unnecessary, or even impossible. However, taking personal time for yourself to ensure work/life balance is more beneficial in the long run. Working nonstop can leave you feeling burnt out and unmotivated, whereas taking a break allows your mind to refresh and be better prepared for what’s to come.