The marketing industry is a vast field of communication, data analysis, and research that supports the promotion of a brand or companies’ message to the public. Due to the technical nature of marketing, there are common misconceptions about the field. Read on to learn about five misconceptions we see in the marketing sphere today.

  1. Marketing and Advertising are the same. 

One common misconception that continues to penetrate the marketing sphere is that marketing and advertisement are the same. Marketing is the umbrella term that covers the research, analysis, and strategic planning that goes into promoting to the public. Advertisements fall under marketing, being the actual process of marketing your brand’s products and services. Although both terms are similar as their function is to promote a brand, marketing is a build-out of strategies that are ongoing while an advertisement is a visual representation of the strategy and marketing plan. 

2.)   Marketing Should Yield Fast Results

As it is exciting to initiate your brand’s marketing plan, don’t expect overnight success. Long-term exposure comes from consistent marketing over time. It’s essential to understand that marketing strategies are based on real-time research and data. Marketers use analytics to strategize their efforts to ensure they get the outcome they desire. With this, the most effective marketing strategies will be established by assessing activity over time. Although the process of grasping your clients’ needs through intentional analysis takes time, it will yield effective results that will not only get your brand’s name out there but keep it there!

3.)   Marketing is only to Acquire New Costumers

Of course, marketers hope to grab the attention of new customers that fall under their target market, but what marketers find even more appealing is growing with the customers that are already loyal to their brand and services. It’s all about how marketers can solve the pain points of our current clients as their lifestyles and needs evolve.

4.)   Quality Products will Sell Themselves

When it comes to transparency of quality goods it’s imperative to have marketing. Even the highest quality products and services need assistance in getting their brand’s message out there. If quality products sold themselves, you wouldn’t see low-quality, unethical, and unsustainable products and services at the top of the marketplace.  If anything, quality products need quality marketing to break through the brand conglomerates of today.

5.)   Digital Marketing is the only Marketing you need.

With continued innovations in the technology industry and the monetary shift social media has taken, yes, today’s marketing is heavily digitalized. Although this is true, there are other aspects to marketing that will always be essential to the process. Strategies like word of mouth, print ads, events, volunteering, and relationships with media outlets like newspapers and magazines are still strong players in the overall marketing process.

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