Knowing how to repurpose old content is vital for your business’ online social media presence. It takes a lot of time and dedication to craft and publish content for your business. Repurposing your content gives you the chance to maximize your content’s full potential and usage. Below we have crafted some ways to repurpose old content!

Create New Blogs & Articles

Whether it’s a topic you touched on in the past or something you’ve addressed, there is always to repurpose it. We live in an era where everything is constantly changing, and new information is being discovered. Use this to your advantage to address new findings on recycled topics. Take a pre-written blog or article and optimize it by incorporating updated information,

Building An Infographic

Graphics play a vital role in social media and digital marketing. Once you have acquired information on the topic or subject matter you can use the information to create an infographic. The main purpose of an infographic is to illustrate data and present information in a straightforward way to help the audience understand the subject matter. Infographics aren’t limited to a subset category therefore they can touch on any topic you desire. Infographics are an essential tool when it comes to repurposing your content.

Use Testimonials for Social Media Content

As a business owner, it can be helpful to showcase customer testimonies. This paints your company in a positive light. Re-using past clients’ testimonies in a different layout is still pivotal to building your company’s social media presence. Consumers want to feel that they can trust the company for your services/products.

Turn Blog Posts into Podcasts

Podcasts have become one of the most popular forms of media in this digital era. Chances are that your audience would prefer to listen to your content rather than sit down and read it. Podcasts give your audience the chance to consume content in a different form that may be more convenient to them. They can listen while they are at the gym, driving, doing work around the house, etc.

The world of digital marketing is a complex one that is constantly being shifted and altered with new information being unveiled constantly. VUP Media has been a successful marketing agency for over a decade. We are committed to our clients and optimizing their online social media presence. Contact us today for a professional audit!