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Take a look at your current website. Does it feel out of date? Is it cluttered with content and graphics? Does it take too long to load or update content? If you answered yes to any of these questions, your site could probably use a fresh look.

A modern website indicates an active business. Here are just a few ways to tell if your website needs an update.

Slow Website Speed

Our attention spans are shorter than ever, so if your website takes longer than just two seconds to load, customers might click away. You could be losing potential customers simply because they don’t have the patience to learn more about your company on a slow site.

Keep your site visitors interested with an up-to-speed website. Image size, web development errors, and hosting platform are all factors that can contribute to a slow site.

Outdated Design

Design trends come and go. If the layout of your website seems out of date, you might want to give it a makeover. Consider using more white space in your design, so your visitors’ eyes will be drawn to the most important information. Brighter colors are popular in 2019, but be sure to pick a color scheme that matches your brand.

Not Mobile Friendly

Did you know that Google’s search engine optimizes mobile-friendly sites? Mobile Internet use is increasingly popular, as users tend to search for information on a mobile device rather than a laptop or PC. Update your site to work with multiple platforms and increase traffic.

Site Outgrown by Company

Your website should grow along with your business. Has your brand message shifted since you last updated your site? Does the website content still accurately represent your product? These are all important questions to ask when considering updating your website to maintain brand consistency.

Low Ranking on Search Engines

Is your Search Engine Optimization (SEO) not up to par? Google takes several factors into account with your site ranking. Site speed and mobile compatibility both contribute to your SEO. Customers browsing the Internet will be less likely to find your site if it doesn’t have a high ranking.

Difficult to Update Content

It’s important to consistently update content on your site to keep its SEO up. Search engines favor websites that are updated because it indicates an active business. If your current website makes uploading content difficult, consider revamping your site to make this process easier.

Give your website a fresh look to attract more customers. If you’re unsure how to update your website, message or call VUP Media at 401.949.8000. We have an experienced team of web developers and graphic designers who can help take your site to the next level!