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Color Psychology

Sorting Through the Rainbow

As humans, we react to our surroundings in our day to day lives even if we are not actively thinking about it all the time. Certain colors make us react in certain ways. When using certain colors in your business branding, it makes your customers think of what your brand really represents. If you are thinking of rebranding or you need a color scheme to start your new business with, think about these color choices:


Yellow gives us an optimistic, warm, and clarifying feeling. This color also stimulates the nervous system and activates your memory as well as encourages happiness.


Orange lets us feel friendly, cheerful, and confident. This vibrant color not only stimulates activity but also encourages socialization and stimulates appetite.


Red is exciting, youthful, and bold. Shades of red increases enthusiasm encourages action and confidence.


Purple is imaginative, creative, and wise. It offers a sense of spirituality, calms the mind and nerves and is very uplifting.


Blue is trustworthy, dependable, and strong. Hints of this color aids intuition calms and sedates. Being that blue is the color of the ocean and sky, people perceive it as a constant in our lives.


Green represents peace, growth, and health. It soothes our senses, relaxes mentally and physically, and offers a sense of renewal, self-control, and harmony.


Grey is neutral, balanced, and calm. It is perceived as classic, sleek, and refined. Grey also created a feeling of up and coming expectations.

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