Is there anything more painful than trying to contact customer service? Companies always seem to have a long wait time over the phone, they never respond to emails, and you end up spending more time trying to contact them than getting answers.

Chatbots are beginning to solve this problem.

You may have interacted with a chatbot without even knowing! Chatbots are a text-based service that can interact with users in real time through a digital messaging interface. Think of Facebook Messenger, but instead of your friend talking to you, it’s a robot. Some chatbots are simple and only allow users to respond by selecting from provided options, while others incorporate artificial intelligence to analyze a user’s text response. You’ll often find chatbots displayed on the bottom right hand corner of a website, asking if you need any assistance.

What Chatbots Can Do

With chatbots, customer service inquiries can be resolved quickly and easily between the user and the bot. If a user has a common question, the chatbot can respond with the predetermined answer without going through a customer service representative. Besides customer service inquiries, chatbots can also suggest products based on user input, accept reservations, and can even be used for creative marketing campaigns by sharing an interactive story with the user. 

Should My Company Use a Chatbot?

You may be wondering why chatbots are important. One of the most significant reasons your company should be using chatbots is because it gives users the illusion of talking to a live person when no company personnel is present. This means that users can get 24/7 assistance from your company while you and your employees focus on other important work. Not only will this lighten the workload for your employees, but it will also provide a more personal digital marketing experience between your company and customers. Chatbots can directly contact individual customers with company promotions, products, and news that they have expressed interest in. As a result, customers get a more direct experience that is unique to them and their interests while keeping them informed of company events.

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