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The Morning Cup

Top 5 Ways to Exercise Your Creative Muscle

1. Sit in silence

Sit in silence…and people watch!! This one is our favorite because there is so much inspiration you can gain from others around you. (Plus, who doesn’t like a little people watching?!) Just sitting by yourself gives the brain a chance to unplug. Try not to think about all the tasks piling up at your desk. Just relax and give space for new thoughts and ideas to fill your head.

2. Practice your own form of creative expression

Creativity is not a talent, it is a skill. Just like any other skill, creativity must be practiced tin order to get better. Whatever your form of expression is (reading, writing, drawing, etc), practice it weekly to see continuous growth.

3. Find inspiration in other industries

Thinking outside the box is a common phrase when discussing creativity. In this case, we encourage you to find inspiration outside your own industry. Drawing ideas or methods from other fields can help you approach obstacles differently within your own field.

4. Learn through collaboration

Much like our first bullet suggests, we find people to be a great source of inspiration. Most people cringe thinking about group projects. We get it, getting stuck with a coworker you don’t vibe with is not how you want to spend the next 8 weeks. But we have a solution: watch and learn. Yes, back to people watching! Understanding how others approach the same task can be a valuable experience. You could learn a new trick or learn what not to do again. See, valuable! But in all honesty, two brains are better then one. Working together through brainstorming and idea testing can yield better results and a new level of thinking.

5. Try as many ideas as possible

Treat these like drafts of a much larger project. As humans, we get caught up in making a perfect draft from start to finish. This can take months and usually turns out not to be as perfect as we hoped. By throwing out and completing as many ideas as possible, your brain starts to look at approaching the task in different ways. You will often surprise yourself at the ideas you come up with. Doing rough “drafts” of each of these ideas allows you to weed out the bad ones and then move forward with the cream of the crop.

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