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How to Graphically Target an Audience

There is a lot of planning that goes into designing a website. Web designers and developers understand the best practices and ensure that your site not only looks nice but also provides an awesome experience for your users and customers. You, as a client, can help your web developer so that you can each be equally successful.


First, your web designer will create a mockup design for your website. This helps you visualize what your site will look like prior to building a whole site. This will serve as a good base to work off.

Once everyone agrees on the design, your web designer and developer will begin to build out the website!

Process of Creation

From the initial design, the developer will create pages that coincide with the home page for a smooth transition and navigation. As a client, you are able to assist in giving your developer all the proper content that you want on your site. This includes but is not limited to: images, logos, text content, PDF documents, etc. Providing these assets will make the development process that much quicker and smoother.

After all, the designing and developing has been done, it is now time to launch your new website! You may want to discuss with your website developer options for hosting and scheduling website backups, future updates, and maintenance. If you have an existing website, your developer will need your hosting log-in information so that the new website points to the proper domain name/website URL. If this is a new website with no previous web presence, then you or your developer need to purchase a domain name for your website.

Ta Da! New Website!

This is the final step in your web design process and once this is complete; you will then have a beautiful, new website! What do you do once the site has been published? You then need to make sure you keep up with content management. Keeping up with information and images can be overwhelming on top of running your business. Luckily, VUP Media offers both web design and development services as well as management and support services for websites.

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