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The Morning Cup

Facebook offers marketing tools for most of your social media needs. Whether it is getting more exposure or getting in front of your target audience, Facebook can offer you a variety of options.

There are two different types of advertising that you can do on Facebook; boosting and ad campaigns. These two platforms are both useful in their own ways. Together, they can create a cohesive campaign that can bring you more exposure and sales.


Boosting refers to backing a normal post on your Facebook page with a budget. When boosting, you can edit who is seeing the post. Whether it is people who like your page, people who like your page and their friends, or an entirely new set of people. The main purpose of a boost is to get more reach.

Ad Campaigns

Ad Campaigns allow you to set up strategic campaigns. This is different from boosting because it allows you to have objectives that aren’t just post reach. For example, with an ad campaign, you can market for clicks to your website, app downloads, or for engagement (more people liking and commenting). You can detail out a specific audience including demographics, interests, and behaviors of that person.

Healthy Combination

With a combination of boosting posts and creating strategic ad campaigns, you can move your prospective clients through the marketing funnel. Boosted posts will lead to more reach and possibly a higher following of your business. Facebook Ads will help finalize help move your prospects to clients/ customers.

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