When telling a story, it all starts with good visualization and attention to detail. The additions to the small details are what build a picture in someone’s mind. The same goes for data and analytics in your report.

These inclusions to marketing strategies help marketers tell stories that make for successful campaigns and customer experiences. However, interpreting data correctly and turning it into a well-thought-out story can be an intimidating task.

Create the Narrative

Data is a collection of numbers, it’s what you do with it that turns it into a story. Showing reports can be overwhelming without creating a narrative to the data. A good data analysis report explains what happened, why it is important, and how you can use this information to turn it into something actionable. Using data visualization in creative ways can show patterns, conclude a hypothesis, or prove theories that can drive decisions for the business.   

Think About Your Audience

The most captivating storytellers understand the importance of knowing their audience. In the same way, a data-based story should be told based on who is listening.

The data visualization should be framed around the level of information the audience already has. Discerning an audience’s level of understanding and objectives will help the storyteller to create a narrative. 

Find the Compelling Narrative

Along with giving insights into facts and numbers and establishing the connections between them, it’s time to get creative. You are competing for the viewer’s time and attention, so make sure the narrative has a hook and captivating purpose.

A narrative that simply describes data would be of limited use for decision-makers. The context around the data provides value and that’s what makes people listen and engage.

Why Is Data Storytelling Important?

Telling a thorough, data-driven story can be useful for clients and stakeholders. It will help for better decision making within a business and drive conversations with your clients.

By using data visualization to make key observations about your clients and their wants can help with lead generation and customer retention.

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