A marketing strategy should be like a well-oiled machine. Every part of the machine serves its own purpose, and these components must work together to drive the entire operation. Each part must be treated as equally important, because if one part breaks, the rest of the machine will not work efficiently.

This is what we call a holistic marketing plan. Your entire business should be taken into account when developing a strategy, rather than focusing on a single pain point. Every aspect of a business should be working toward a common goal, whether that be client acquisition or brand recognition.

Here are three concepts to keep in mind when developing your holistic marketing plan:

Don’t forget who you are.

Because there are so many elements to keep track of in a business, it can be easy to get tunnel-vision. You might begin to focus so closely on the details that you lose sight of the bigger picture. With every aspect of business you tackle, keep in mind the bigger mission of your company. This will ensure your content stays in line with your brand message, and you’ll maintain brand consistency at the same time.

Don’t forget who your customers are.

Developing a relationship with your customers should be one of the many goals for your holistic marketing plan. While it’s important to market towards potential customers, it is equally important to ensure the loyalty of your current customers. Your marketing plan should include customer appreciation goals. For example, responding to reviews of your company is a great way to show that your company cares about its customers.

Hold onto your voice.

The “voice” of a company refers to the tone of all its marketing content – it could be humorous, professional, or quirky. When creating your marketing strategy, determining the voice of your company is key. A company’s voice should be developed with its brand mission close in mind. This will keep future content aligned with your company’s overarching goal. By determining the voice early on, you will also avoid having an inconsistent company voice – which would indicate a level of untrustworthiness.

By following these tips, your holistic marketing “machine” should run smoothly and efficiently. Stick with your company voice, keep your customers in mind, and most importantly, stay true to your company’s core mission. Contact VUP Media at 401-949-8000 for more information on how a holistic marketing plan could benefit your company.