Clickbait is like internet trick-or-treating. Even if we are not dressing up as our favorite superhero and going to get some of our favorite sweets, we can still join into the Halloween festivities in the business world. What even is clickbait? It is an eye-catching element that is targeted to get as many clicks and views as possible. Developing clickbait is a delicate balance.   It can be very successful or damage your company’s reputation. Here are some tips for trick-or-treating your customers:


Clickbait allows for more page views. These views can help your SEO and your credibility. Clickbait also allows for a greater potential for social media coverage. If your clickbait is worthy, people will share it on their social platforms getting more and more exposure. Clickbait also increases brand awareness. That is connected back to sharing, the more shares a post gets the more people to see their brand and the more they remember it.


A lot of clickbait is sensationalism, where the language is bent and twisted to grab reader’s attention. It may grab your reader’s attention, but not for long. Readers are skimming over sensationalists posts because they know the information is skewed. This misleading information can damage your brand and turn you untrustworthy. It is more important to calculate the total attention minutes on your clickbait pages rather than page views. Even though someone clicked on that page, they may not have actually read the information.