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Visual Communication

Over 84% of today’s marketing strategies are being delivered through visual methods making it important to understand how the visual communication can have a positive impact on your business. Here are our top 7 reasons to start incorporating imagery into your digital marketing plan today:

Saves time

Most information is digested as fast as your fingers can scroll. As marketers, we need to deliver our message through easy-to-process channels. Research has shown that the human brain is able to process images 60,000 times faster than texts. By creating simplistic but effective visuals, you are able to grab potential customers attention before they scroll on by.

It is clear

Sometimes big chunky paragraphs get in the way of communicating with your customers. Send them a clear message through graphics. People more likely to fall in love with your product after seeing a stunning image of it rather than a detailed description.

Maintains consistency

Have you ever recognized a brand just by the color palette used in an advertisement (i.e. Target)? Using brand consistent imagery, video style, and graphics can create brand awareness and recognition with customers. Start by choosing a color palette and style that support your company’s mission and start building your brand awareness today!

Information Retention

The human brain will remember images more long-term than straight text. With a digital marketing goal of having people retain your message and act upon it, present important dates, and information through still visual methods. So, if you want customers to remember that Tuesday night special, consider making it into a graphic.


Visual communication makes it easy to be flexible when delivering the same message. You can create a graphic for your Instagram post, a video for your Facebook banner and still have the option of creating a photo to truly capture your product. This flexibility allows you to reach potential customers through multiple channels and increase your brand’s visibility.


Visuals attract customer attention. With a world running on GIFS, boomerangs, and memes, help your company steal some of the spotlight by giving customers strategically marketed visuals to pause their scrolling.

It’s Popular

Now we don’t like to suggest doing something because everyone else is… but if it works, it works. People are more likely to engage with visuals on social media and talk about them with friends. Most importantly, visual communication has a positive impact in boosting your business.

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