Why Facebook Video Advertisements

Since its launch in February 2004, Facebook has grown into THE social media platform of the world. It has become an alternate world in which people can share their interests, feelings, and life events. However, over the past couple of years, Facebook has been catering towards the needs of business: large and small.

968 Million Daily Facebook Users

70percent                         Reciprocity

This goes to show you that advertising your business through Facebook can act as a very helpful boost to gaining customers.


National advertisements can cost far more! They average around $300,000+ for a 30 second television ad. Although national advertisement sounds appealing, your advertisement can have a much better and guaranteed reach through Facebook!

FB ad

With Facebook, you can spend as much as you can afford on your online advertising campaign. The amount you spend reflects on the reach you get!

reach who you want

You can control who can see your advertisement based on age, occupation, their activity on Facebook, and much more! Having this much control over your advertisement can ensure your ad is reaching the right demographic!

choose how long

You can run multilple ad campaigns on Facebook, and again, you have complete control over them! You can choose how long each campaign runs for, just in case you feel your ad will lose its relevance over a certain amount of time.


If you believe one of your advertisements is performing better than another, you can pause the less effective one during its campaign! Also, you can make the duration of your Facebook ad campaign longer if you believe it will benefit you more in the long run!


Again, you are in complete control of the budget, who views your advertisement, and how long the campaign runs. However, you can have multiple types of campaigns as well! You can have regular text advertisements, advertisements with effective images, and advertisements with videos! Video advertisements are the best way to get the word out about your business! But why?

post type                           growing

Videos are the best way to draw attention to your posts on someone’s news feed. In terms of social media users sharing video posts, Youtube was the number one platform. However, in November 2014 Facebook passed Youtube and continues to inase its numbers of video shares.

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