Aerial photography, once a luxury available to the ultra-techy, is now a necessity for organizations across a range of industries. The capacity it has for capturing stunning photos and videos has played a significant role in its soaring popularity over the years.

Here’s a look at some ways drones are transforming the ways we market our businesses in various key industries.

Drone Photography Key Benefits

Did you know that the revenue in the drones segment amounts to US $ 1.32 billion in 2023 so far? From here on, the annual growth rate is expected to be 1.21%.

From construction to real estate to marketing, this photography technique has revolutionized the way we market our businesses. Here are some key benefits of aerial photography.

There Is a Sense of Precision and Scale

Aerial images can add a sense of precision and scale for businesses such as construction, real estate, leisure centers, holiday parks, etc.

It Can Capture Emotion

Storytelling is a powerful marketing tactic, but only if done right. This is where the power of aerial photography comes in. It can capture the excitement of a sporting event, the progress of a construction project, and much more to depict a story.

It Helps You Garner Attention on Social Media

For most businesses today, establishing an online presence is just as important as a brick-and-mortar one. It is one of the best ways to increase engagement and visibility. Since aerial photos are highly shareable, the likelihood of businesses garnering greater attention is much higher.

It Highlights the Surroundings Well

One of the key benefits of aerial photography is that it can highlight a business’ location and surroundings well. It can showcase nearby attractions, landmarks, etc., to attract more customers.

It’s a Safer Alternative For Certain Projects

Speaking of the construction niche, aerial photography has proved to be a safer alternative to otherwise daunting tasks. For instance, previously, workers had to climb up to certain areas to inspect rooftops adequately.

With drone photography, there is no longer a need to do that. In other words, aerial photos can showcase features that may not be visible from the ground.

What Industries Can Make Use of Aerial Photography?

According to a survey by the National Association of Realtors, 73% of home sellers preferred to work with agents who use aerial photography to market their properties. However, construction isn’t the only sector with an inclination toward this type of photography.

Over the years, more and more businesses have adopted this marketing tactic, and for the right reasons. The versatility and flexibility of aerial photography have made it a widely accepted technique across various niches. For instance:

In Agriculture

It is used to monitor crop growth. It also helps identify areas that require fertilizer or irrigation.

In Construction

It can help survey construction sites. It can also assist with creating 3D models of buildings and monitor progress throughout the process.

In Emergency Services

It can help lead search and rescue operations. It’s also a valuable tool for wildfire monitoring and disaster response.

In Entertainment Industry

Drone photography can help capture stunning aerial footage for commercials, TV shows, and films.

While it is used for various practical purposes, it is also appreciated for its artistic/aesthetic value. Photographers can capture unmatched abstract patterns and beautiful landscapes from above.

Aerial Photography and Digital Marketing

So, how can this type of photography improve your business’s digital marketing?

For one, it adds a unique perspective that isn’t possible to achieve through traditional forms of photography. There’s absolutely no better alternative to highlighting features the way aerial photos do.

Furthermore, when people are drawn to these visually appealing images, engagement increases automatically. People spend more time looking at them. There are higher click-through rates and, of course, more shares on social media.

What people often overlook is the fact that aerial photography can differentiate your brand from its competitors. Not many people consider investing in better photography tools. The way you showcase a property/product has a greater impact on its value than you would like to believe.

People may simply refuse to buy something if it doesn’t appear aesthetic. But, when they’re able to see the layout or features of a property/product from a different, less-visited angle, they may have greater confidence in making a purchase.

It also helps them have a better understanding of what to expect.

Famous Brands And Their Inclination Towards Aerial Photography

Coca-Cola is one of the many billion-dollar brands that have successfully elevated its marketing through aerial photography. From “Share a Coke” campaigns to capturing images of its bottling plants, coca-cola has managed to carve many valuable images into its customers’ minds.

The brand has used aerial images even in corporate communications to showcase its commitment to environmental responsibility and sustainability.

Similarly, Apple has used the technique extensively in its marketing campaigns, particularly for its Maps application. Mercedes-Benz has also used it to showcase its vehicles in different settings and to highlight the vehicle’s performance capabilities.

Then, Google Earth and Google Maps also rely heavily on aerial photography to help users with detailed imagery and maps. These are just some of the many brands/businesses that have used aerial images to elevate their marketing.

Many other companies, particularly in the hospitality, travel, and real estate industries, also use aerial photography to promote their businesses.

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